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The Coronavirus Marketing Impact

Welcome to the “new normal” The Coronavirus pandemic has shaken up business and consumer behavior on a massive scale.   Download this research deck here The era ushered in by COVID-19 represents a tipping point for both advertisers and consumers.  Limited by the restraints of social distancing, rising unemployment, and declining economic activity, US consumers are […]

Teens and Their Phones

As smartphone usage among U.S. teens rises, teens begin to doubt whether the ubiquitous device is such a good thing. Smartphones are quickly becoming a basic necessity for teens. In 2018, it is easy to forget how teens were slow to acquire smartphones. A 2012 poll by Common Sense media found just 41% of 13- […]

GDPR Updates and How They Apply to Your Business

With so many people in one place, Facebook presents a huge opportunity for businesses to reach out and connect with potential customers. But unfortunately, it’s not quite as easy as it once was. In January, Facebook changed their algorithm in a major way. The reach of organic content is decreasing. Facebook altered their service so […]