How has COVID-19 Impacted Healthcare Marketing Tactics?

COVID-19 has created a seismic shift in how healthcare organizations deliver care and market to patients.

With this shift comes notable strategic and tactical adjustments to marketing spends to keep patients informed while reaching them where they are.


With unprecedented situations, come unprecedented changes.  

Medical offices and private practices are seeing fewer patients at a time or asking patients to wait in their car rather than in the waiting room. To reduce the risk of exposure for patients with chronic diseases, providers are treating patients at locations other than hospitals.  

With the changes in office operations and patient behaviors in the COVID-19 era, it’s essential to stay focused on two tenants:

  1. Maintain and build trust
  2. Keep your patients up-to-speed

This research deck features our strategists’ analysis of the changing landscape of healthcare industry marketing.

Download our latest research deck as we tackle:

  • The rise of social media as a content outlet for researching and providing general health news
  • The influence of adjusting geo-fencing and expanding target reach to new waiting locations
  • How providers can leverage retargeting to reinforce brand messaging and brand trust, while also keeping patients informed



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