Generations, Recognition, and the Absolute Top Position: Factors for Paid Search Success

At CMT, we employ paid search tactics for our clients and often find these ads appearing in the absolute top position. The target audiences on these ads are Gen X and millennials, which fits right in with the data. Would a paid search program be effective for your business? Get in touch with us and begin strategizing your paid search plan.

How often do you click on the ad results that come up in your Google search? Companies are paying for consumer clicks, so how can their ads get your attention? A recent study from shows that age has a big impact on how consumers interact with paid search ad campaigns.  

According to the data, Baby Boomers are most likely to click on ads for a brand they are already familiar with but least likely to consider whether an ad is in the top position. Millennials and Gen X are more likely to consider the ad in the top position. Of all three age groups, 33% of people are likely to click an ad that responds directly to their search inquiry.

So what does this mean for advertisers?  

Paid search campaigns begin with effective keyword research. These campaigns are run via auction based on a list of keywords provided by the advertiser. The more defined the search terms are, the more likely it is that your ad will appear in the top position. Keyword research tools can teach us the frequency, competition, and average bidding price for a keyword.

The Clutch study also showed that 77% of people were confident they can tell the difference between paid search ads and organic results. This highlights the importance of clear and consistent messaging between all your ads and the content on your site. If your ads and organic search results appear in a search, that establishes your company as credible in the eyes of the consumer. More credibility creates more clicks!

Pay-per-click search campaigns help with brand awareness and recognition. But keep in mind, conversion can only happen if the viewer who clicks the ad is directed to a high-quality and easy-to-use landing page on your website.

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