Pairing Tactics and Messaging: Two Ways to Get it Done and Enhance your Digital Ad Campaign

With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, consumers have migrated to predominantly digital mediums. But integrating TV placements still matters.

Delivering consistent calls to action across mediums creates a cohesive, consistent experience for clients.

Leveraging TV as a supporting medium and delivering ads at the right time within the customer journey can produce a brand Halo effect.

From a research perspective, it’s a no-brainer why campaigns should encompass multiple advertising tactics. Take your pick– TV, Digital, Paid Social, Print, Paid Search, email marketing…the list goes on. Consumers have been increasingly turning to digital channels—and so too have marketers. The COVID-19 pandemic has expedited this trend even more, shifting users to digital and streaming devices. By coupling together multiple digital assets, they have the potential of a symbiotic relationship that will strengthen the brand’s image to their customers. 

Two ways to strengthen your campaign:

1. Amplify Your Calls to Action

All of your marketing materials should include a clear call to action—whether they follow either the traditional or digital route. It’s crucial to ensure the combination of selected tactics provides a cohesive brand experience for each customer. The selected brand color, font, tone, and visuals used across mediums should complement each other to create a captivating brand awareness. When the customer goes from looking at a TV advertisement to shopping on your website, or vice versa, going from an email to shopping in-store, they should have a seamless experience of brand recognition across all mediums. With an ever-expanding toolbox in the world of marketing, consumers and marketers need to work to their full capabilities of landing their messaging in the right market; this is done by utilizing multiple tools, also known as digital assets.

2. Marrying TV and Digital Together

Digital advertising by brands on TV holds undeniable benefits. Television allows advertisers to craft a narrative about their brand to play out before their customer’s eyes. A good TV spot can catapult the brand, influencing customers to perceive them in the way they desire. 

A study conducted by Comcast found that when a TV ad followed a digital ad, the researchers noted a 12 percent increase in brand attitude, as well as a perception of being “less intrusive” and “less annoying.” 

The report highlighted that the TV spot created the Holy Grail of marketing, “a Halo Effect,”– meaning the ad affected a positive impression of a brand in one area, subsequently influencing their feelings in other areas. This theory further proves how improving one digital asset may ameliorate impressions across all mediums.

As the world is constantly evolving, brands need to evolve with it. Advertising is no longer placing a full-page ad in the newspaper, but it is a dynamic, integrated combination of assets that work together cohesively to strengthen your brand. By encompassing multiple digital assets in a campaign, it will fast-track the brand’s message to the forefront of consumer’s minds.

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