The Coronavirus Marketing Impact

Welcome to the “new normal”

The Coronavirus pandemic has shaken up business and consumer behavior on a massive scale.  

Download this research deck here

The era ushered in by COVID-19 represents a tipping point for both advertisers and consumers.  Limited by the restraints of social distancing, rising unemployment, and declining economic activity, US consumers are evolving and adapting quickly to alter their media consumption habits.

In this research deck, our expert strategists explore the foundational changes to the American media diet during the COVID-19 era.

Download our latest research deck to understand:

    • The dramatic increase in the usage of smartphones, tablets, and devices to access various digital media outlets
    • With 30% of Americans increasing their time on social media by 1-2 hours per day, how and where they are spending their time
    • Demographic trend breakdowns between Gen Z, Gen X, and Millennials

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